Religion Studies

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Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)

Religion Studies is the study of religion as a universal phenomenon and of religions found in a variety of cultures. Religion and religions are studied without favouring any or discriminating against any, whether in theory or in practice, or without promoting adherence to any particular religion. Religion Studies leads to the recognition, understanding and appreciation of a variety of religions within a common humanity, in the context of a civic understanding of religion and with a view to developing religious literacy.

The subject contains the following four topics:

  • Variety of religions
  • Common features of religion as a generic and unique phenomenon
  • Topical issues in society
  • Research into and across religions

The four topics of Religion Studies allow for specialisation in a specific religion in Grade 12. Part of the content provides for this by allowing an in-depth study of the issue in a specific religious context while the other parts call specifically for the study of the central teachings and normative sources of one religion.

Specialisation in a religion must come after the various religions have been explored (CAPS, 2011).